David Brundige

filmmaker / multimedia artist

artistic interest

Social justice facilitator adrienne maree brown writes in her book Emergent Strategy: Art is not neutral. It either upholds or disrupts the status quo […] All organizing is science fiction. If you are shaping the future, you are a futurist. And visionary fiction is a way to practice the future in our minds, alone and together.

As a futurist and humorist, I now write films informed by my involvement with direct political actions from Occupy Wall Street to Standing Rock, and by the hilarious personal lives of my collaborators to envision provocative worlds.

current projects


Edited the Sundance and SXSW feature film for director Danny Madden and Vanishing Angle productions.



Writing my second feature film to direct in 2021. PRELUDE TO ANARCHY follows four contemporary stories signaling the hilarious end of Capitalism.


Produced and edited the short film Stagiaire for writer and director Marina Michelson.


Produced the new short film for director Harrison Atkins and Eyeslicer.

Director Reel


Interviewed at Nantucket Film Festival

NFF: Your film Laurels pokes fun at the festival world. Have you had bad festival experiences to draw from, or is this all imagination? David: Artist egos are so fragile, and my characters, one a notable feature director and the other a newbie short film director,...

Writer in Residence at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery

"Flavien’s Statement House, as erected in the gallery’s courtyard, is a beautiful blush pink, its interior illuminated by a round skylight. But physical attributes do not describe this house, rather, its inherent mutability does. By inviting two screenwriters, David L...

Filming in Cambodia

"A US filmmaker is producing a short film highlighting problems in the Cambodian school system – featuring a young fisherman who turns to crime in order to pay for an education – with hopes to turn it into a full-length feature...To complete the project, Brundige...

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